‘A nation gets the newspapers it deserves’

We met this lovely lady over the weekend and would like to share her work with you! Bella’s blog ‘If Liberty Means Anything at All’ is all about freedom of expression when it comes to difficult topics like politics. Her analysis is always personal but well-informed! Here is her article titled: ‘A nation gets the newspapers it deserves’, for more visit – https://iflibertymeansanything.wordpress.com/

If Liberty Means Anything At All

-George Orwell,  As I Please 1946

There’s been an awful lot of debate recently about media coverage of global terror attacks. I know what you’re thinking. Not this again. Note the words ‘awful lot’. Nevertheless, I’d thought I’d explore it more, and impart what I had discovered on you lovely people.

After the Paris terror attacks in November 2015 and the media storm it induced, came the critics. Even more recently with the attacks in Brussels, a different attack has become more frequent-an attack on the media themselves, the very people who had reported, investigated, and extensively covered Paris. Well, that’s the point really isn’t it-they were covering Paris, and according the public, they weren’t covering much else. ‘Much else’ referring to the two other horrendous and fatal terror attacks that occurred in the same month, in Beirut and Baghdad, killing 43 and 18 respectively and injuring hundreds more.

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