Happy Mother’s Day

It comes once a year. Or twice if you are from Greece or Bulgaria and study in the UK. It is considered the hardest job in the world. It requires 9 months of expectation, numerous sleepless nights and a lifetime of unconditional love.

Mother. Mom. Μαμά. Madre. Maйκa. Mère.

And these are only in the languages that the two of us know. There are a million different ways to call this person. Throughout life, the adjectives tend to vary. From lovely to annoying and from a know-it-all to stupid, mothers are expected to be everything. They know where your missing socks are, they know the things you’re ashamed to admit and sometimes, they know what you like the best more than you do yourself. They remembered birthdays, all your friend’s names and organise the best parties. They know how to make you feel better when you’re sad and never miss a school event (no matter how boring or lame it really was…). For twenty years they’re there to cater to our every single need to the point that one day you find yourself alone struggling to use a washing machine…

It’s truly a wonder why mothers are celebrated only once a year!

From infancy to adulthood, that one person remains our superhero. Mothers might not wear red capes, and they might not fly across a city or shoot laser from their eyes, but their superpowers are far more special and unique. They hide worries and doubts behind a perpetual smile and they always seem to have everything under control. They will remain strong and resilient even in the hardest of times. Not because they are insensitive or do not acknowledge disaster, but because they do not want us to. They want to shelter and protect us from all the things that could shatter our worlds and if that calls for a sacrifice of their own emotions, then so be it. They have memorised the words to every nursery rhyme and possess the magic power to chase away every monster beneath our beds and every nightmare. They are the most selfless people this world can strive to find.

It’s been said that life does not come with a handbook, it comes with a mother. And from the first day of our lives they have indeed been our own personal GPS. They might not always suggest the route we would have taken and sometimes we will stubbornly want to mute their voices and silence their suggestions. We will desire to take short cuts, pass that red light and disregard the speed limit. We will fight for silly things and argue over a pair of jeans. But always, no matter how many times we choose to ignore them, they will be there to help us reach our destination. Literally, metaphorically and wherever this may be.

In our young and impressionable minds, mothers can do anything. And in reality, there is little that a mother would not do for her children. From withstanding our tantrums to surviving our teenage years, brushing them off with “I’ve been through that, too”, they have been and will always be our biggest fans. And even when they are miles away, even if you are not able to see them all the time, they are there. Because this day, while celebrating the miracle that is motherhood, finds many people missing one. And while for many, a mom is a phone call or a ride on the National Express away, for others the distance is unbridgeable.

Unfortunately, there is no solution for that. As we are writing this post, we are struggling to find the ‘right’ and ‘positive’ advice to give to those who are missing this one person today. A person that cannot be replaced by anything and anyone. The only thing we can say is this:

One day, in the far or near future, a little person with big and longing eyes will look at you the same way you once looked at your mom. And for now, we truly hope that this is enough to keep us going…

For this blog post, we have assorted a collection of what we would like to officially call ‘Famous Mothers’! Some of them are intentionally recognisable to all and others might not be as well-known but for the people that do know them are and always will be unparalleled…


From left to right: 1. Ralitsa Chorbadzhiyska and her mother Elena, 2. Vefa Kitsaki and her mother Alexia, 3. Caroline Kennedy and her mother Jackie Kennedy, 4. Libby Oliver and her mother Juliet, 5. Smaro Anastasiadou and her mother Catherine, 6. Zoe Papadopoulou and her mother Mary, 7. Prince William and Prince Harry with their mother Princess Diana and 8. Chara Kitsaki and her mother Alexia




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