BFI TV Festival Part 2: The Night Manager

War is a spectator sport  broadcaster: BBC (iplayer and on DVD)  inspired by: The Night Manager (novel) by  John le Carré directed by: Susanne Bier  with: Hugh Laurie as Richard Onslow Roper Tom Hiddleston as Jonathan Pine Olivia Colman as Angela Burr  Tom Hollander as Major "Corky" Lance Corcoran  Elizabeth Debicki as Jed Marshall  Alistair Petrie as Alexander "Sandy" Langbourne, Lord Langbourne Natasha Little as Caroline Langbourne, Lady Langbourne   Is there anything better to watch … Continue reading BFI TV Festival Part 2: The Night Manager

BFI & Radio Times Television Festival Presents…

by Chara Kitsaki  An idiosyncratic yet intelligent detective and his dedicated sidekick. A lonely yet enigmatic night manager and a corrupt British gentleman. The Queen of England, Churchill and the experience that is being a member of the British Royal Family. A time traveller, police officers and midwives. Fiction, history, myth and reality, actors, directors, … Continue reading BFI & Radio Times Television Festival Presents…

‘Turn Off Your Brain and Just Trust Instinct’: Q-Tip on the Evolving Sound of Hip-Hop

For those of you who are into Hip-Hop (and longer reads)!


A Tribe Called Quest’s sixth album, We got it from Here… Thank You 4 Your service, is a reminder of how much time has passed. As Noisey editor Kyle Kramer notes, it brings Phife Dawg’s voice back from the dead, uses familiar samples, and has that unmistakable Tribe groove. But the hip-hop group’s final studio album also marks now, and for many fans is very much relevant and political, especially given its release the day after the U.S. presidential election in 2016.

Kramer talks with Q-Tip about being egoless and instinctive — and staying true to himself and to Tribe while evolving with the sound of hip-hop.

I think you have to always look ahead, in anything. We sometimes become creatures of habit, and we want to continue to do things that we maybe have enjoyed or that strike a particular chord that we’ve experienced a long, long…

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Life itself is the most wonderful fairytale..

by Chara Kitsaki  We have all heard the stories, the wondrous bedtime tales of our childhood. The shoe fits Cinderella; Snow White comes to life with a kiss; the Beauty falls for the Beast. The fantasy of what our lives could be was based on these fairytales. A white dress, a knight in shining armour who would … Continue reading Life itself is the most wonderful fairytale..