Reflections on April Fool’s Day

By Rali Chorbadzhiyska

London, Sofia, Athens – no one was safe from being tricked on April Fool’s Day! Although not an official holiday, 1st of April has been an important date since the 19th century! Therefore, we’ve decided to share our favourite practical jokes by big companies done throughout the years!


Google Chrome or Google Gnome?! There is also a Google 2017 April Fool’s joke article that describes the new features for your Chromebook. From a ‘Groupie Selfie Stick’ to the Cardboard, these are some essential add-ons to your device! The Chromebook Cardboard is practical and offers a ‘gateway to larger-than-life experiences wherever you go’! You can’t miss this one…



Way back in 2008 Youtube pulled a prank on its users by reversing the layout of their page, including the video content! Or how about 2012’s ‘Youtube Collection’ when the website (falsely) announced any video ever made to be available and distributed on DVDs! And our all time favourite 2013 announcement that Youtube is shutting down for a group of judges to review each video ever uploaded on the platform and reopen the website in 2023 with the winner of the Best Video as the only thing to watch on Youtube!



On 1st of April, 2017 Pornhub introduced a new feature to their services – automatic posts on Facebook that announce your activities on the platform!


Don’t worry, it was just a joke but we are pretty sure some people were seriously stressed out.

And let’s not forget 2016 Corn-hub!



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