Inspired by Jack Kerouac’s ‘On the Road’

By Rali Chorbadzhiyska

Back when I was 16 I read Jack Kerouac’s most famous novel and was inspired to write a poem. The Beat Generation seemed ‘cool’ and I even tried Burroughs’ ‘Naked Lunch’ but I congratulate anyone who managed to finish this book. I couldn’t.

I look back at my naive attempt and I smile. I decided to share it with the world because of its simplicity. You may like it or not, you may laugh… I have since departed from a rhyming scheme and much more prefer blank verse. However, this one brings memories of my own nativity and pretentious teenage sophistication.

I hope you enjoy it!

Why was Dean mad?

Men are strange and Dean is one.

He loves all girls, their eyes, their bum, and curls.

He likes to drink, to laugh, steal cars.

He drives all night, picks friends and fights.

He dreams of West, of East, of road,

To reach New York, Chicago were his goals.

Dean never slept, but flared,

Intense, with time tiptoeing on his breath.

And mad he was, there is no doubt.

To chase all life and think he’ll never die.

*The screen adaptation of ‘On The Road’ from 2012 stars Sam Riley, Garret Hedlund and Kristen Stewart.  It’s probably Kristen Stewart’s only bearable film (apologies to her fans) and it’s worth the watch! 🙂


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