Why Keep a Dream Diary??!

By Rali Chorbadzhiyska

Heraclitus has said that ‘dreamers are active collaborators in the universe’. Thus, while dreaming one is not merely participating in the natural order of human life but they are shaping life itself! Having Heraclitus’ claim in mind, I wanted to find out to what extent is then keeping a dream diary a valid form of life writing and for this purpose, I decided to have a go at keeping a dream diary, see what happens!


I have in the past recorded some particularly crazy or significant, according to some personal inner conviction, dreams. However, for the purpose of this text I decided to try a slightly more persistent dream diary. My entries were initially scattered on my computer, as a note in my phone or even said aloud throughout the night, so I don’t forget them by the morning when I would log them onto a Word file.

It was of interest to me to inspect what comes first – the dream as premonition about something that will happen in reality or the dream as a reflection on what has happened. I guess it is personal and also depends on the occasion. My essential aim was to prove that keeping a dream diary as a method of reflection has just as great impact on one’s life as any other form of life writing.

I’ll limit myself to two prominent examples from my yet short experience with recording dreams as an interaction with reality.

On the 12/03/17 I had a dream I was talking to one of my Bulgarian friends. We have known each other for fourteen years now but living in different countries has made our interactions less frequent. The dream was worth noting because at that time I hadn’t spoken to her in about a month and I had no conscious intention of contacting her on a particular day, really. However, when I woke up on the next day she had messaged me on Facebook!

On a more serious note, however, I have recently been stressed out from questioning whether what I’m doing academically and professionally is right. As if my dreams picked up on it. On 15/03/17 I dreamt of walking around the capital of Bulgaria at night. I reached the apartment building where my great grandfather used to live and decided to enter. As I was ascending the steps, the light went from inexistent to dim. Once I reached my great grandfather’s room, it was suddenly all bright. There were windows around me instead of walls and somehow I knew that I was on the right track. I woke up and mumbled the dream in the quiet darkness of my bedroom to make sure I remembered it in the morning. Little did I know the feeling of relief was there to stay, I did not need to remember the details, I just felt more certain from within.

Symbolically, darkness and light represent the opposition of the unknown/the thing that has not yet happened versus the certain/the one happening right now. Thus, I believe in the interpretation of this dream that even if I feel like I am in the dark at the moment, I will eventually climb my way to the top.

Of course, this analysis is personal. Of course it might just be my brain processing my worries and coming up with weird scenarios. But it doesn’t matter.

What matters is that I was able to take the sense of tranquillity and purpose that I felt in my dream into my waking life. Thus, recording it will help me remember a turning point, a rush of confidence. And it is just as important life event as when I finally get where I need to be.

More often than not dreams raise questions rather than answer them, which might be unsatisfactory. At the same time, this is the exact reason why recording them is important to one’s life! Once you’ve written them down, you can venture on a search for the answers and make a difference in your waking life. 🙂



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