Kayo Chingonyi

‘If the ultimate self that never left could see me, what would he make of this literary pretension?‘ asks Kayo Chinogonyi in his poetry collection ‘Kumukanda‘. The title of the book translates as ‘Initiation’ and depicts the development of a young boy through a succession of poems that explore the complexity of an immigrant’s identity. 

Vice calls him ‘The Young Voice of London Life‘ and in an article on their website the poet describes his reason to write: ‘ I write to satisfy a curiosity that comes about through the creative process of being preoccupied with an idea or a philosophical question and seeing where the poem takes me.’

Kayo has also been influenced by Grime and acknowledges its significance to an alternative urban learning process: ‘Grime is poetic in that same spirit of being someone who doesn’t have much to do, observing the world that surrounds you and having political and philosophical conversations with yourself and the world through the means of words.’ Here’s a video of him on ‘The Poetics of Grime‘!



Here’s a video of the man himself!

And you can even see him live as part of the annual Africa Writes Festival 2017 between 30th of June and 2nd of July in London! Check out the program and buy your tickets here.



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