Wine and Water – Forthcoming from Bahati Books

Here is a brilliant review for a new collection of African Romance short stories by Hannah Onoguwe! Officially coming out on the 31st of July!

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In the summer season, when the air is thick with heat, and all you want to do is stretch out on a beach, with a fruity cocktail, and a good book, Hannah Onogwe’s short story collection Wine and Water, provides exactly the kind of romantic escape we all need from our every day lives.

Each of the twelve stories in the collection is crafted with a brilliant attention to detail, bringing forward characters, so fully fleshed out and dimensional, you can almost feel them in the room with you. The dialogue is beautifully simple, and easily believable, structured in a way that rings true to many real-life conversations, and all the more powerful for that. Each story presents a self-contained world, painted richly and in broad strokes, fully immersive, and sentimental, bringing about a warmth and love of the backdrop that almost makes it a presence of its own…

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‘Dreamers Awake’ at the White Cube, Some Cultural References

By Rali Chorbadzhiyska Yesterday's day off took me once again to my favorite London art gallery - White Cube @ Bermondsey! 'Dreamers Awake' , their current exhibition, is 'a group show  which explores the enduring influence of Surrealism through the work of more than fifty women artists'. Here's a few of the artworks on display, accompanied by … Continue reading ‘Dreamers Awake’ at the White Cube, Some Cultural References