‘Illustrated’ Short Story – ‘7’

7 by Rali Chorbadzhyska Sometimes I think about the number 7 before I fall asleep. In Numerology, it represents the combination of the divine, the spirit and the earthly, the body. If it was to be drawn, this is what it would look like: The triangle is the spirit and the square is the body. … Continue reading ‘Illustrated’ Short Story – ‘7’


‘Samsa in Love’ or How Murakami Reinvents Humanity

By Rali Chorbadzhiyska What is weirder than waking up in a bug’s body and gradually turning into a believable insect? Actually waking up as Gregor Samsa and gradually making your way to become a complete human being! Haruki Murakami takes care of the reader’s curiosity about what happens to Kafka’s ‘Metamorphosis’ protagonist and what becomes … Continue reading ‘Samsa in Love’ or How Murakami Reinvents Humanity

The Collaboration of Times: William Wordsworth ft. J. Cole

By Rali Chorbadzhiyska *This is an excerpt from a longer essay on 'Exploring the Formation and Development of Selfhood in the 18th as well as the 21st century' that works on the premise of childhood being divine and longed for by artists (due to its importance to the self). William Wordsworth’s portrait painted by Benjamin … Continue reading The Collaboration of Times: William Wordsworth ft. J. Cole

The Masterful Layering of Voices in Borges’ ‘The Shape of the Sword’

By Rali Chorbadzhiyska The Role of an Individual Voice in Shaping Histories and the Reader’s Perception of them as explored in Jorge Luis Borges’ Short Story ‘The Shape of the Sword’ Jorge Luis Borges’ craft to fit a novel worth of meaning into a short story does not fail to excel in ‘The Shape of … Continue reading The Masterful Layering of Voices in Borges’ ‘The Shape of the Sword’

Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult

Fans of Jodi Picoult’s touching stories and engaging characters? Our favourites by her include ‘Handle With Care’ and ‘My Sister’s Keeper’. ‘Leaving Time’ is a beautiful read is on our reading list! We liked this succinct and intriguing review (beware of spoilers). We urge you to give it a try even if it is outside your comfort reader-zone! 🙂

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The book alternates between Alice the Elephant Keeper and teen dleaving-timeaughter Jenna, who wants to find out how her mom died. So she talks to the psychic. There are multiple narrators for Jenna’s half of the book, and only some are interesting.

And then (spoiler) not quite, but ‘it was all a dream’ twist ending. Nothing is as it seems. There are clues to The Truth but they are all carefully explained away each time. Very annoying.

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