‘What Would Harold Pinter Think?’ in Cambridge – Conversation with the playwright Alexandra Blanchard

'What Would Harold Pinter Think?' by Alexandra Blanchard is a play in two acts, set in a post-Brexit reality with attention to themes of alienation, femininity, mental health and freedom. It is being staged in The Old Vag Club in Cambridge on the 1st and 2nd of March. Here is an interview with the playwright with … Continue reading ‘What Would Harold Pinter Think?’ in Cambridge – Conversation with the playwright Alexandra Blanchard


Wine and Water – Forthcoming from Bahati Books

Here is a brilliant review for a new collection of African Romance short stories by Hannah Onoguwe! Officially coming out on the 31st of July!

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In the summer season, when the air is thick with heat, and all you want to do is stretch out on a beach, with a fruity cocktail, and a good book, Hannah Onogwe’s short story collection Wine and Water, provides exactly the kind of romantic escape we all need from our every day lives.

Each of the twelve stories in the collection is crafted with a brilliant attention to detail, bringing forward characters, so fully fleshed out and dimensional, you can almost feel them in the room with you. The dialogue is beautifully simple, and easily believable, structured in a way that rings true to many real-life conversations, and all the more powerful for that. Each story presents a self-contained world, painted richly and in broad strokes, fully immersive, and sentimental, bringing about a warmth and love of the backdrop that almost makes it a presence of its own…

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Where there’s a Wil, there’s a way.

‘Tired, fabulous and wrapped in fur.’ Ifan was once a New Yorker for a week and here’s an adventurous post about his experiences! Make sure to check out his blog and I can’t wait to read what he’s been up to this summer! 😉


New York, New York: so good they named it twice. Or perhaps they were merely mentally drained and stuttering, exhausted by its overwhelming excess, as I was.

Being baggage-weight-conscious I arrived in JFK the image of a struggling Hollywood starlet: Tired, fabulous and wrapped in fur. Having almost missed the AirTrain into the city due to selfie-ing and insta-boomeranging, it started dawning on me that a huge fur coat and a big black roll-neck was not the best pairing for a day of frantic cross-continent commuting, being drenched in perspiration before we made our way to the subway. Big fabulous fur was also attracted a much unwanted attention, with a toothless subway dweller feeling it necessary to yell-ask me “YO MAN! THAT SOME FOX FUR!?”. Having finally survived the treacherous subway journey, we finally made our way to our Williamsburg Loft. With the coat finally hanging in my wardrobe for the week…

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Reflections on April Fool’s Day

By Rali Chorbadzhiyska London, Sofia, Athens - no one was safe from being tricked on April Fool's Day! Although not an official holiday, 1st of April has been an important date since the 19th century! Therefore, we've decided to share our favourite practical jokes by big companies done throughout the years! Google Google Chrome or Google Gnome?! … Continue reading Reflections on April Fool’s Day

Notting Hill Treasure: The Portobello Star Bar

By Rali Chorbadzhiyska (Bulgarian version) All the way down Portobello Road, past the characteristic Nothing Hill shops for books, antiques, stage clothing, and jewelry, number 171 shelters the Portobello Star Bar – London’s oldest gin distilling place! My parents came to London for a long weekend, so we ended up in the bar upon their … Continue reading Notting Hill Treasure: The Portobello Star Bar

‘A nation gets the newspapers it deserves’

We met this lovely lady over the weekend and would like to share her work with you! Bella’s blog ‘If Liberty Means Anything at All’ is all about freedom of expression when it comes to difficult topics like politics. Her analysis is always personal but well-informed! Here is her article titled: ‘A nation gets the newspapers it deserves’, for more visit – https://iflibertymeansanything.wordpress.com/

If Liberty Means Anything At All

-George Orwell,  As I Please 1946

There’s been an awful lot of debate recently about media coverage of global terror attacks. I know what you’re thinking. Not this again. Note the words ‘awful lot’. Nevertheless, I’d thought I’d explore it more, and impart what I had discovered on you lovely people.

After the Paris terror attacks in November 2015 and the media storm it induced, came the critics. Even more recently with the attacks in Brussels, a different attack has become more frequent-an attack on the media themselves, the very people who had reported, investigated, and extensively covered Paris. Well, that’s the point really isn’t it-they were covering Paris, and according the public, they weren’t covering much else. ‘Much else’ referring to the two other horrendous and fatal terror attacks that occurred in the same month, in Beirut and Baghdad, killing 43 and 18 respectively and injuring hundreds more.

c8d7423c-0ad9-4fa7-81d6-271d9eceef91_16x9_788x442 Left to…

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